The site I use to help me loose weight

I signed up at THIS SITE (affiliate link) to keep track of my daily weight, water, calories, excersize, etc. This allows you to review your prior days activities if you gain or loose weight.

They have a free account that allows you to track your weight, but doesn\’t allow you to track your meals. I think this is the main part of the site you need to use, so you can see the amount of calories you take in per day. It doesn\’t take long to realize that even eating a 6″ or 12″ sub from subway uses a lot of your daily calories, and doesn\’t leave much left over for the rest of the day if you want to loose weight. The full program is $30 for a year. I don\’t plan on using it longer then that, so $30 isn\’t much compared to the money I\’m going to win, and the edge I will gain by knowing exactly what is going into my body.

The interface is very easy to use, and has a ton of options. Many I\’m not even using. I don\’t plan my days meals, but you can. And it will keep track of goals and stuff like that. But, I just use it to keep track of my weight, the weight loss pace, and if I\’m going to loose the amount of weight I want before the end of our contest.

I also use it to review when I gain weight. Without tracking what you eat, I don\’t believe there is a way to know what is going on. One thing I realized quick is that you can eat a whole bag of salad from the grocery store for around 100 calories. But, a salad from subway is a lot less salad for a lot more calories. Not to mention you can get a whole bag of salad for what? $3.00 and the subway salad is like $5 or something.

So, because I\’ve been slacking a little lately.. Not eating as good as I was the first week, not excersizing near as much as the first week.. I\’m hoping someone might find this information useful enough to get them pushing themselves just a little bit harder, or to find something that isn\’t helping their diet so they can fix it. Bottom line is that we are all in this to lose weight. The prize money is nice, but if we can each hit our personal goals, then we can all be winners.

(click for a larger image)

The Planner

This is the planning screen. Here you set your goals, how much weight you want to loose per week, etc. It will then calculate what your calorie intake should be each day.

The Calendar

This gives you an overview of the days you tracked meals, excersize, etc. As well as allow you to plan your diet if your into that.

Daily Tracker

This is the screen to track your daily information. It gives a nice recap at the bottom, and can give you a full days log to print out if you care to keep it. The nice thing here is that you can watch for when you gain weight, or don\’t loose weight, and view what you ate on the day before. Look at your habbits to see what you can improve.

The Dashboard

Kind of an overall view of your progress. It will even show outlines and stuff like that if you use that part of the program. As you can see, I don\’t. But it still gives a nice overview of your progress.

Good luck, and I look forward to spending your money.


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