These are the quick steps to backup the game data for individual games so you can restore them to your new phone.  In this example, I am replacing my Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime with a Galaxy J7 Sky Pro.  I first tried using the Samsung Smart Switch App, but it doesn’t bring the application data […]


Quick notes on setting up 4 Raspberry Pi’s for a media wall using the PiWall info from and the built in tile codes.   Keep in mind that the raspberry pi’s need the network hard wired.  I initially tried doing this with WiFi and the displays are so pixelated they are not watchable.   […]


So, until now, on long trips, I had setup a small netbook running Ubuntu with a DLNA media server, with external HD attached with the media files.  And a WiFi router to provide the wireless network so my kids could watch videos on their tablets.  Not only was this setup big and bulky, but it […]


These are the steps I use to replace/upgrade hard drives in a server.  In this example, I am upgrading from 1TB RAID1 to a 2TB RAID1.  I am going to use CloneZilla to clone the old drive(s) to the new drive(s).   Tools used: CloneZilla Linux Mint Live USB     NOTE!!! No matter how […]


1) External UniFi Controller On the external UniFi controller, log in and click on the settings icon (two gears in the lower left corner) Select “Networks” from the list on the left and click the pencil to edit it Make sure the IP/Subnet is configured correctly and check the “DHCP Server” checkbox and configured the […]


Installing Emby on Ubuntu 15.04 server

Posted October 24, 2015 By admin

I’m creating this because I setup Emby on Ubuntu 14.04 server and then ended up with have the metadata missing. After fighting with it for a few days, I decided to start over and use the latest version of Ubuntu available.   After installing Ubuntu 15.04 server, I did the following: $sudo su –   […]


Currently I have a data server using unRaid that is also used to store media.  I run the PS3 Media Server on my computer to allow android and other devices stream media using DLNA, but I wanted to try something more pleasing to the eye.  I started searching for DLNA players with a nicer interface […]


This is the process to add a new Unifi AP to the Unifi controller when discovery doesn’t work.  In our case, we have a central Unifi controller managing APs on multiple networks.  But, the routers don’t allow the discovery tool to see new APs on other networks, so this is how we add one.  In […]


Never buying AMD again, and here’s why…

Posted January 11, 2015 By admin

UPDATE: So, I went to purchase another i7 and realized that the price I listed was a super good deal. The place I purchased it for $250 now has it listed as $280 and other sites have it for over $300. So, I decided to build a new system starting with a processor price tag […]


Automount as needed NFS shares

Posted December 5, 2014 By admin

In this example, we’re going to setup an automount rule using autofs to mount /home using NFS when a user logs in.   as root: # vi /etc/auto.master   Add this at the bottom:   /-        auto.home     # vi /etc/auto.home   Add this:   /home   -soft,rw,exec,intr   Where:   /home = mount […]