PulseAudio Server on Win32

How to setup PulseAudio so that you can hear sound on your windows machine that is being played on a Linux machine. Basically used with VNC to get sound as well.’, ‘Quick notes.. I followed all the directions I could find for using pulseaudio on windows.. Everything I could fine just wouldn\’t work for me.. Or, so I though. Anyway, I kept getting

E: pulsecore/socket-server.c: socket(PF_INET6): Invalid argument

and it didn\’t seem to want to play anything using paplay unless I don\’t have a client.conf file. But, if I have a client.conf file like:


It fails to connect. So, I started messing around and ended up with this:

load-module module-native-protocol-tcp listen= auth-anonymous=1
load-module module-waveout


Now, the funny thing is, I\’m trying to tunnel this back through an SSH session. So, I needed to create a remote port forward using putty of 4713. Now, everything should work, but I found one problem. My Linux machine is running version 0.9.7, and the only Windows binaries I can find are 0.9.6.. So, it still doesn\’t work. 🙁 but, I was able to send sound from another Windows machine running 0.9.6 accross the network without problems.. so I know the server is fine on the Windows machine. I guess I just have to wait for updated binaries.

That is doing paplay 3 times in a row.. you\’ll notice the port number changed each time 🙁

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