My Slot Machine Instructions


Let\’s take a moment and cover a few of the basic elements of operation.
First you plug in the machine. Then locate the on/off switch. It is at the top of the main panel. Turn it on. Now you need to fill the hopper with some medals. The machine needs medals in the hopper to pay off the winnings. Do this by pulling on the bottom of the hopper so that it slides partially forward. Pour in some medals, approximately 250-500 medals. Now slide the hopper back in and shut the door.


Look at the front panel. The INSERT METAL (or COIN) light should be flashing. Now insert one, two, or three medals in the slot. Notice that one medal will light the middle pay line, the second medal will light the other two horizontal lines, and the third medal will light the two diagonal lines. Press the spin lever down, this will start the- reels-,spinning . Now press the stop buttons beneath each reel. This will stop the reel.


Look at the front panel to see what you win when you match the symbols.


In the lower left corner of the front panel is a button that will switch the machine from pay out winnings to accumulate winnings in the credit window. The most credits that the machine will hold is (50), it will pay out anything over that. If you have credits showing in the credit window you may use these credits to bet, by pressing the bet (start) button. To convert your credits to medals, press and hold the credit button for 5 secons and the machine will pay out what is in the credit window.


Bonus play varies some from model to model, but in general, this is how to play after you have matched a 777. Once you have matched a 777 the machine will generally play a tune of some sort and usually some lights will be flashing.

Congratulations!!! You are now in BONUS PLAY or BIG CHANCE mode. Notice that on some models the 777 on the front panel will light and the (1) through (6) numbers will also light. This will help you keep track of where you are in the bonus mode. The machine wants you to bet either one medal or it may let you play three medals, to find out, press the bet button.

Now spin and stop the reels, usually you are a winner, resulting in a payout. Continue to bet and spin and stop the reels getting your payout. But generally the routine goes through seven of these spins then the machine lets you now bet up to three medals for seven times. This will cause one of the lit 7\’s on the front panel to go out, and now you go through the one medal for seven times then back to three medals for seven times, and another 7 will go out, etc.

When the third 7 goes out you are back in normal play. Should you not want to go through this process, you can cancel by resetting the machine.


Locate the reset button near the program switch.

If you are in bonus mode and want to get out.

1. Open the door

2. Turn the machine off

3. Turn the program switch onbr>

4. While pressing the reset button, turn the machine on

S. Follow steps 5-8 below

You are now ready for normal play.


Look at the table to see what skill level you want to set, level (1) pays the least and (6) the most.

1 76.3% 80.7% 92.9%
2 80.2% 85.1% 97.7%
3 82.0% 87.5% 101.1%
4 84.6% 90.4% 105.1%
5 85.7% 92.1% 107.3%
6 88.8% 97.6% 112.1%

To change the skill level.

1. Open the door

2. Turn off the machine

3. Turn program switch to ON

4. Turn on the machine

5. Look at the front panel and find a window located either above the spin lever, or a window labeled payout, or in the top panel, and you should see a number ranging from (1) to (6), maybe (01) to (06). This may take a few seconds for the number to appear.

6. Use the reset switch to change the number.

7. Press the spin lever down once to lock in choice

8. Flip the program switch back to off, notice the MEDAL light flashes, you are now in normal play mode.

To check what level you are playing, open the door and turn the program switch on, the display where you observed the changing numbers when changing the skill level, will display what level the machine is set. For no change just turn the program switch off.


1. \’INSERT METAL\’ light fails to flash

2. Reels fail to spin

3. Will not accept coins

A. Reset machine, see above RESETTING THE MACHINE

B. Check connectors on power distribution unit and CPU

C. Check for stuck bet, pay out or spin lever button

Most problems can be traced to one of the above causes. Have fun playing your new machine


Cabinet Dimensions are 22¾” x 17¼” x 33½ Tall

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