Minecraft Help for Windows


Information on running the client and server.’, ‘

Client Issues

Won\’t launch, or crashes after launch

Easiest answer is to make sure you have the latest version of Java and latest drivers for your video card.


NVidia Drivers

ATI Drivers

Provide detailed info on what is happening

mc.zip – Quick Minecraft .bat file for windows debugging. It will launch Minecraft.jar file downloaded from Minecraft.net in verbose mode (provides lots of data) and will output it to a mcrun.txt file for easy reading with wordpad.

To use it, you need to download the Minecraft.jar file listed under Linux/Other on the downloads page of minecraft.net. Downloads are only available to premium members (which means you need to buy the game).

Once you have downloaded the Minecraft.jar file, download and open the mc.zip file linked above and save the mc.bat file in the same directory you saved the Minecraft.jar file.

Now, browse to that directory and doubleclick on mc.bat

It should have created a mcrun.txt file that will show all the verbose information provided from Java. If there is an issue. hopefully it will be listed here (normally at the bottom of the file).

If you still need help, head over to #MineCraftHelp on esper.net (IRC) and get instant help.

If I\’m there (dslynx), I\’m going to ask you to copy and paste the contents of the .txt file on pastebin.com

Server Issues

The most common problem is that a server is running, but nobody from the internet can connect to it. The person hosting the server needs to add a port forward on their router/ firewall.

The first test I would do, is make sure you can connect to the Minecraft server from the server. To do this, click Start>Run and type \’cmd\’ and hit enter (without the quotes). This should open a command prompt. From here, type \’telnet localhost 25565\’ and press enter. It should go to a blank screen and sit there. On the server console, you should see the connection and then login time out. And, on the command prompt, you should see the same thing. If this works, your server is up and running fine.


↨Took too long to log in

Connection to host lost.


2010-09-24 03:44:06 [INFO] Disconnecting / Took too long to log in

Next test would be to see if another computer on your local network can connect. You can run the same test. From another machine, open the command prompt and type in \’telnet x.x.x.x 25565\’ (where x.x.x.x is the local IP of the server) and press enter. You should get the same results.. with the connection and then login time out. If you don\’t, the server has a firewall that needs to either be disabled or have the 25565 port opened on it.

If that works, next would be to have someone on the internet open a command prompt and run the same command, this time using your external IP address for the x.x.x.x (IPChicken.com can be used to determine your internet IP address.

If that doesn\’t work, your router/firewall needs to have the 25565 port forwarded to your servers local IP address. If it works, your network is fine and everything should be good to go.