Eggdrop command reference

Quick command references for the party line.

telnet localhost xxxx

Add user:
.adduser NewUser

Add user to auto op
.chattr NewUser +ao #dshwdev

Add hostmask to user
.adduser OldUser (when the hostmask has changed)

Reload .conf file

set channel settings:

don\’t unbad user bans:
.chanset #channel +userbans

Set a ban:
.+ban *!loser@* #channe go away message

Add channels:

.+chan #channel

Set channel flood settings:

.chanset +flood-chan 10:6

Means, if someone types 10 lines in 6 seconds, it\’ll kick them

Talk through the bot:

.say #Chan Hi everyone! I\’m talking through the bot!

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