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These are the quick steps to backup the game data for individual games so you can restore them to your new phone.  In this example, I am replacing my Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime with a Galaxy J7 Sky Pro.  I first tried using the Samsung Smart Switch App, but it doesn’t bring the application data […]

Automount as needed NFS shares

Posted December 5, 2014 By admin

In this example, we’re going to setup an automount rule using autofs to mount /home using NFS when a user logs in.   as root: # vi /etc/auto.master   Add this at the bottom:   /-        auto.home     # vi /etc/auto.home   Add this:   /home   -soft,rw,exec,intr   Where:   /home = mount […]

Install the RDS License Service and RDS Host role. Launch the RD Licensing Manager.  Right-click on the server and select “Activate Server”.  Add the license key. Once those steps are complete, do the following:   Configure the Remote Desktop Session Host role with to use the local Remote Desktop Licensing server. Follow these steps: Open an elevated […]

Time4Learning Online Curriculum Review

Posted October 7, 2013 By admin

UPDATE: We have since stopped using Time4Learning.com after finding out that my hopes (updated lessons) was never going to happen.  During a test, my son got an answer wrong.  When we reviewed it, his answer was actually correct, but the test was wrong.  When I contacted Time4Learning.com I was informed that Science and Social Studies […]