My Userful Multiseat Linux 2011 (2-user)

What I do to setup a 2 user machine.’, ‘Start the computer with the Userful Multiseat Linux 2011 32-bit CD.

Re-partition the disk and install. When it is complete, go through the userful screens and then reboot.

Once the machine comes up for the first time, press the F1/F2/etc keys to associate the keyboards and mice to the proper screens. Log in with “admin” account created during setup.

System/Admin/Users and Groups

Remove all the students and teacher accounts. Create an account for each user, set a password, and check the box that a password isn\’t required.

Right-click on the bottom toolbar and select “Delete this panel”. Right-click on the top toolbar and select properties. Change it from Top to Bottom. Right-click on the toolbar, now at the bottom and select “Add to Panel” and scroll through the list and click on “Window List” and click Add.

Close this window, right click on the window list and move it to the left so there is enough room.


Select ClearLooks and then Close

Just because I hate windows doesn\’t mean I want to have a goofy layout for my interface. I then log into each account and make these same changes.

I also like to install smbfs so that I can mount remote windows shares as well as tightvncserver so that I can log into the machine under my account remotely.

$ sudo apt-get install smbfs tightvncserver

$ mount -t cifs //dataserver/share /mnt/data -o user=myname

Setting up iTalc

By default, iTalc is installed, but not really configured. Also, it doesn\’t really help me for it to be only installed on the single machine, so I\’m going to install a master instance on my computer so that I can remotely manage their instances if needed. This is pretty simple, you just need to make sure it runs on the userful machine, create keys, and share those between the “new” master and the userful machine.

So, Applications/System Tools/iTalc master interface

just to make sure it runs.. if not, troubleshoot that first by heading over to userful\’s site or the iTalc site.

Then, I copy the /etc/italc folder to my data server.

In my case: $ mkdir /mnt/data/userful
$ cp -R /etc/italc /mnt/data/userful

After installing it on my machine, I copied the keys from my data server to my machine so that it will auto authenticate.

After that, you should be able to create a new classroom, and then add the userful computer as two separate machines using the IP and IP:5901 for the addresses.

And, the additional things I install to be able to play back Movies and TV Shows.

$sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mp3 gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly

Oh.. and to fix the stupid arrow keys in vim on ubuntu.. do this:

# vi ~/.vimrc

add: (press the i key)

set nocompatible

press esc, and then type: