My Sites – Originally started out as my personal business doing custom web design and hosting.  Over the years, it has become more of a project landing page.  Originally, each project had it’s own site, but as the project faded, they were moved over to a subdomain of  The site is static using ‘include virtual’ headers/footers for every page. – At one point in time (and for many years), it was ranked the number one spot on Google for the term “DS Homebrew” along with any other derivative.  At the time, it had a very active community with forums, developer sites, etc.  As homebrew for the Nintendo DS began to die, so did the site.  Forums and developer sites were removed due to spam bots.  The site was originally based on PHP Nuke and was later switched over to Joomla. – Was created as a technical dumping site for my personal documentation.  After completing a project, and then having to re-create the exact same solution for another project, I decided to start documenting them.  This site also started out as a PHP Nuke site and was moved over to WordPress. – This site was created from scratch using CGI scripts and MySQL with the exception of the “Top Ten” module provided by Datatrend Software. – This was a POP3 Catchall e-mail client based on CGI that I was selling. – This site was used to provide information regarding the DS Passthrough device named “PassMe”.  It was also used to sell the devices.