My Android phone setup

Just a list of things I do when setting up a new phone, or flashing a new ROM to the phone, which wipes it back to factory defaults.

FUTURE: If I have root, be sure to use Titanium Backup!!! It has the ability to backup game data.. so I don’t have to start over with Coin Pirates!

List of required apps:

– Go Launcher EX

– Go Weather

–  –  Go Weather Widget Skin HTC

– Go Contact Widget

– Go Contacts EX

– Go Keyboard

– Go Switch Widget

– Astro File Manager

– ConnectBot

– Advanced Task Killer

– Handcent SMS

– Ring Loud Contacts

– Ring Scheduler

– SiMi Folder Widgets

– ReGalAndroid (For uploading images to my galler3 site)

– Lookout

– MyFitnessPal

– Smooth Calendar widget

– Waze

– SMS Backup & Restore

– 3D Flip Clock & Weather Widget

And, of course, Gingerbreak.  You’ll have to manually download this one.




First step is to log in, link to gmail account and then connect to WiFi so this will be somewhat fast.  Also, turn on network location, GPS, “Unknown sources”, USB debugging is enabled…


Using Astro File Manager install Gingerbreak, run it, and root it.  Once complete, the phone will reboot.


Now, we can use Titanium to restore our apps+data.. yeah.. we get to keep our high scores in our favorite games.