Kids Bedroom

Just a quick pic of the kids bedroom.  They decided that since they don’t spend a lot of time in their bedrooms that they would share one, my wife and I would use the other small bedroom and we would turn the master bedroom into a gaming room.  Originally we were going to do a crack down the wall to split the room so each could choose their own paint color, but my son (Tyler) came up with the idea to use a puzzle piece pattern and I think it came out really well.



They also wanted to have the carpet two different colors.. I kept telling them that you can’t have a seam like that, but we walked into the discount carpet warehouse (or something like that) and they do all kinds of cool sewing with carpets.  So, I have the padding installed and we are just waiting on the custom rug to be created for their room.  All that will be left is adding the trim and their room (as well as ours) will be done.