Caller ID on Nortel MICS

Notes for myself, as I need to fix Caller ID on a couple more phones and I couldn\’t remember how to do it.. ;( So, here are the step-by-step instructions so I don\’t have to re-learn it… again…’, ‘ – Function **ADMIN, password.
– Terminals&Sets – Enter
– Show set: Extension (862 in my example)
– Enter, scroll to Telco features, enter
– Feature assign – Enter
– Hit LIST button
– Take note of the Line number “Line209” in our example.

– Back all the way up to Terminals&Sets and scroll right one to Lines and hit enter
– Type in the line number found above (209) and hit enter
– At Trunk/Line data hit enter
– Scroll right to “CLID set:” and set it to the extension (862 in my example).

And release.. all set.