mounting drives on a Patriot Boxoffice

Basically a copy/paste of the edits I did on my patrioit boxoffice so that it mounts my data server on every startup.’, ‘Open a shell/cmd prompt.

telnet IP TO Patriot.

Venus login: root

warning: cannot change to home directory

BusyBox v1.1.3 (2010.02.23-03:54+0000) Built-in shell (ash)
Enter \’help\’ for a list of built-in commands.

/ # vi /usr/local/etc/rcS

Add the following to the bottom of the script

# My stuff

mkdir -p /tmp/ramfs/volumes/Movies
mkdir -p /tmp/ramfs/volumes/Movies/z
mkdir -p /tmp/ramfs/tmp
sleep 10
mount -t cifs // /tmp/ramfs/tmp -o username=xbox,password=xbox
sleep 10
ln -s /tmp/ramfs/tmp/Movies/G /tmp/ramfs/volumes/Movies/Kids
ln -s /tmp/ramfs/tmp/Movies /tmp/ramfs/volumes/Movies/z/All
ln -s /tmp/ramfs/tmp/Music /tmp/ramfs/volumes/Music
ln -s /tmp/ramfs/tmp/TV Shows /tmp/ramfs/volumes/TV Shows

In this example, I have an account on my data server called xbox with a password of xbox

Here it is again, with comments

######## – # = comments, not really needed
# My stuff

mkdir -p /tmp/ramfs/volumes/Movies – This creates a Movies folder. I do this so that I can create a symbolic link inside of it.

mkdir -p /tmp/ramfs/volumes/Movies/z – This is so that it will be below the symbolic link that will be created later. I have a link inside this one to all of my moves, and only the kids (rated G) in the one above

mkdir -p /tmp/ramfs/tmp – This is where the remote share is actually mounted to

sleep 10 – This is needed to make sure it has time to create the directories, otherwise later commands may fail

mount -t cifs // /tmp/ramfs/tmp -o username=xbox,password=xbox – Actually mount the share

sleep 10 – Sleep again, to finish the mount before making sym links

ln -s /tmp/ramfs/tmp/Movies/G /tmp/ramfs/volumes/Movies/Kids – This creates a directory inside of the Movies folder created above called Kids and makes a sym link to the G folder inside of the Movies folder on the share. This is only done to make it easier for my kids to browse the movies, and reduce the chances of them wondering into the PG+ rated movies.

ln -s /tmp/ramfs/tmp/Movies /tmp/ramfs/volumes/Movies/z/All – This is a sym link strait to the movies folder share. Inside of this are all the ratings folders. This way, you have to click a few directories deep before you are able to get to R rated movies. this isn\’t really any kind of security, but it does reduce the chances of it happening accidentally, at the same time giving me that ability to watch other movies than G rated.

ln -s /tmp/ramfs/tmp/Music /tmp/ramfs/volumes/Music – Links to the Music folder.

ln -s /tmp/ramfs/tmp/TV Shows /tmp/ramfs/volumes/TV Shows – Links to the TV Shows folder.