Lotus Notes on Linux with WINE

How to install Lotus Notes (5.0.11) on a Linux system (RH9) using WINE.’, ‘Ok, in this example, I\’ll be using a dual boot machine that already has Lotus Notes installed on the Windows partition. But, if you have Wine installed, you can just run the setup program, and Wine will take care of the rest (from what I understand). So lets get started.

First, lets get Wine.

Wine Site


Now, let\’s install it (As root)

# rpm -ivh wine-20040505-1rh9winehq.i686.rpm

Now, exit out of root and run:

$ wine notepad

This will start wine for the first time, and create all the appropriate settings and paths. So, now you will have a .wine directory in your home directory.

If you do:

$ ls .wine/c/

you will see the standard “windows” style directory list. So, let\’s copy Notes into our new “c” drive. Now, I\’m using Red Hat 9, and it doesn\’t support NTFS by default, so we need to install a kernal module. This is a VERY simple step..


Now, download the kernal module you need. If your not sure which kernal you are using, you can do this:

$ uname -rp

2.4.20-8 i686

So, I download:


$ rpm -ivh kernel-ntfs-2.4.20-8.i686.rpm

Now, to mound the Windows partition. (AS ROOT)

# mkdir /mnt/cdrive

# mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/cdrive

where /dev/hda1 = your windows partition. If you are not sure, and the above command doesn\’t work, just try /dev/hda2, etc.. untill you find one that mounts. Now, to look at the contents to make sure it is correct, do:

# ls /mnt/cdrive

You should see your C: drive from windows. If not, do:

# unmount /mnt/cdrive

And keep mounting drives untill you find it. If, you have 2 hard drives in your system, you may need to change it to /dev/hdb1 or /dev/hdc1, etc.

Ok.. so we have the NTFS partition mounted and we can read it. (Note, this kernel module is READ ONLY access to the drive, so you don\’t have to worry about messing up your windows partition)

# cd /mnt/cdrive/Program\ Files/
(or to where your Notes directory is)

# cp -R Notes/ /home/username/.wine/c/Program\ Files/
(Where username = your Linux username)

Now, wait for that to complete copying…

# chown -R username.username /home/username/.wine/c/Program\ Files/Notes

# chmod -R 777 /home/username/.wine/c/Program\ Files/Notes/*

This will change the owner of these files from root to your username and chmod will make them executable. Now, exit out of root and lets start Lotus Notes for the first time under Linux. 🙂

$ wine “c:\\program files\Notes\notes.exe”

Ok.. So now that you have it working.. lets create an Icond fo it on the desktop.

Right-click on the desktop.. Select “Create New” and then “Link to Application”. Now, Enter the name “Lotus Notes”, select the execute tab, and type in:

wine “c:\\program files\Notes\notes.exe”

That\’s it! Now, if you want to change the Desktop Icon, just right click on the icon, select Properties, and click on the current icon. This will give you a list of icons available to choose from. If you want to use the default one for lotus notes, you can download mine in the downloads section.

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