Installing SugarCRM 5.1.0b on CentOS 5

My guide to installing SugarCRM 5.1.0b on CentOS5.’, ‘This is a super quick guide. I may come back and clean it up when I do the next install.

Ok, the standard CentOS install + MySQL.

I like to use Webmin, so install that

# yum install -y php-mbstring php-mysql php-gd gd mod_ssl glib2-devel gcc-c++ mysql-devel mysqlclient10 mysql-bench php-imap

Download latest full version of SugarCRM and unzip it.

cd SugarCE-Full-5.1.0b
cp -R * /var/www/html/
cd /var/www/html/
chown -R apache.apache *

vi /etc/php.ini

Make whatever changes.. I don\’t remember, upload files size needs to be larger that 6mb.. I think I maid it 64mb or something.

chmod -R 777 config.php custom/ modules/ data cache
service httpd restart

Using Webmin, create a database and user for sugarcrm to connect to.

Browse to the server and step through the install pages.

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