Gigabit ethernet on Fedora Core 1

How to setup a Marvell Yukon gigabit ethernet card under Fedora Core 1.’, ‘Ok.. First, I disabled the built in 10/100 Nic on the motherboard. Then, after installing Fedora Core 1, log in as root.

# /usr/bin/redhat-config-network

This will bring up a network GUI.

Click on the “Hardware” tab, and select New at the top. Now, pick Ethernet from the drop down list and click OK. Now, at the top, select

SysKonnect SK-98XX Gigabit

from the list. Now, click OK.

Next, select the Devices tab and click on New. Pick Ethernet Connection and click Forward. Now, select SysKonnect SK-98XX Gigabit (eth0) and click Forward. If you want to hard code the IP address, you can do that now. Also, this is where you would set the computer name. Anyway, so click on Forward, and the Apply. Now, with your new connection highlighted, select Activate in the upper right corner.

Click Yes to save your changes and ok to activate. You should get a dialog box that tells you what is going on..

To verify that it worked, exit out of the network GUI and type:

# ifconfig

you should see a display of your network settings. If you want to verify your internet connection is working, just type something like:

# ping

Now your all set.

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