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This is the process to add a new Unifi AP to the Unifi controller when discovery doesn’t work.  In our case, we have a central Unifi controller managing APs on multiple networks.  But, the routers don’t allow the discovery tool to see new APs on other networks, so this is how we add one.  In […]

Never buying AMD again, and here’s why…

Posted January 11, 2015 By admin

UPDATE: So, I went to purchase another i7 and realized that the price I listed was a super good deal. The place I purchased it for $250 now has it listed as $280 and other sites have it for over $300. So, I decided to build a new system starting with a processor price tag […]

Read/Write HDD Speed Test

Posted October 22, 2014 By admin

These are the observations I recorded while doing some read/write speed tests on a server.  The main goal was to see the performance difference between RAID1, RAID5, and RAID10.  I also tossed in another RAID5 test with more drives.   The tests were performed with a PERC5 controller using 3 to 5 15K RPM SAS […]

Raspberry Pi Case by James Zawacki

Posted August 3, 2012 By admin

This is my Raspberry Pi Case.  I started a kickstarter project here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/250365370/raspberry-pi-case-0  

Setting up Visonic PowerMax Pro w/ GSM

Posted July 11, 2012 By jzawacki

Well, I see why so many people complain about setting up Visonic units.. The manual is completely useless!  So, here are the notes I took along the way because.. DAMN.. it shouldn’t be this hard.   You should also already have mapped out your sensor locations and decided on the names/types/etc.  I’m installing this unit […]

Another Digital Picture Frame

Posted March 1, 2012 By admin

Notes on my latest picture frame setup.’, ‘A few years ago (like 5 or 6) I had built a digital picture frame for my parents for Christmas out of an old 233Mhz laptop. My brother had setup the OS using LFS (Linux from scratch) and everything was fine. It works perfect, and everyone is happy. […]

General Earthship musings.

Posted March 1, 2012 By admin

General info I looked into’, ‘AS OF 07/19/2011 Cost breakdown: WOM: $3,000 POM: 10,130 – 8 x 6v S530 Batteries (3480 min@25A): $2,560 – 10 x 240w sharp Solar Panels: $6,400 – 2 x 1500w 12v Inverters: $300 – 60A Charge controller: $500 – Control Display: $150 – Lightning Arresters: $80 – PV Combiner box: […]

Cisco ASA5505 quick setup guide

Posted March 1, 2012 By admin

Notes I took while initially setting up a Cisco ASA 5505 for my house.’, ‘As this was a used device, I needed to start by resetting the password. I then dumped the current configs, just to take a look, and then reset to a factory config. I\’m hoping to do everything from the CLI so […]

PW reset on Cisco 1700 – Quick Guide

Posted March 1, 2012 By admin

Quick guide to resetting password on a Cisco 1700 using HyperTerminal.’, ‘ Connect cable and setup HyperTerminal to use 9600, 8, N, 1. Power off/on Cisco 1700 and press CNTL-Break. rommon 1> confreg 0x2142 rommon 2> reset At this point, if you want to blank out the “old” config and start fresh, type YES to […]

VPN between two IPCOP systems

Posted March 1, 2012 By admin

This is borrowed from http://www.databrokers.net/opensource/ipcop/vpn-to-vpn-detailed-how-to.html All credit goes to him, I\’m mirroring because I don\’t use this information often, but I have a little fear that some day I might not be able to find it when I need it. ‘, ‘ VPN-to-VPN detailed How-to Introduction I was trying to setup a Net-to-Net VPN between […]